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A Community Built for You

Located at a major junction on Southern Ave in the heart of Memphis, The Junction Apartments is your stop. It's time to live better!

Featuring three buildings named after some of the most infamous trains in history, The Junction offers a mix of studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedrooms. Ideally located at the University of Memphis campus and Highland Strip full of eateries and boutiques, The Junction is perfect for the hard-working student or young professional.

a picture of a courtyard with a table and chairs

The Junction at the Belle is named after The Southern Belle, a luxury passenger train service starting in 1910. Running between Kansas City, Missouri, and New Orleans, Louisiana The Southern Belle was an illustrious streamliner featuring iconic silver roofs and speeds of 40 mph.

a picture of a white building with black shutters

The Junction at The Blue is named after The Blue Train, which for decades was one of the world's most renowned passenger trains. Starting service in 1923 The Blue Train transported passengers from Johannesburg to Cape Town, a trip over 990 miles.

a view of our courtyard

The Junction at the Orient is named in honor of The Orient Express that made its inaugural run in 1883. Developed by a Belgian businessman, its first journey escorted passengers from Paris to the Bulgarian port of Varna.